Pregnancy and Post-natal

Pregnancy and Post-natal


The team at Bodywell Healthcare are dedicated to helping support pregnant mothers-to-be and young families.

Changes during pregnancy

Throughout pregnancy, the body undergoes significant changes to accommodate a growing baby. Expansion of the abdominal region and the associated alterations in posture, alongside release of hormones that soften the ligaments can all put additional stress on the body. Osteopathic treatment aims to maximise the body’s ability to cope with pregnancy-related changes and may assist with a range of musculoskeletal complaints during and after pregnancy. Our osteopaths can also offer advice about managing various symptoms and demonstrate self-help techniques that you and your partner can use during pregnancy and labour.

Birthing and beyond

Osteopathic care aims to maximise the body’s alignment and pelvic/ low back mobility to help prepare for the birthing process. After the birth, osteopathic treatment may be helpful for restoring overall physical wellbeing and to assist with preventing or managing a range of musculoskeletal problems. This might include referral to your doctor or other health professionals as appropriate.

For more information please contact Bodywell Healthcare or visit the Osteopathy Australia website for links to current research and evidence.