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Telehealth – accessing osteopathic care remotely

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What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a way of delivering healthcare services remotely, via telephone or video consultations.

Bodywell utilises Cliniko – a secure medical software application – to allow us to connect with you via video chat so we can see and hear each other in real time. Click here or on the image below to see a short video demonstration of how Telehealth online consultations work.

Bodywell Healthcare Telehealth online consultation


What are some of the benefits of Telehealth?

Telehealth will enable us to provide you with ongoing care by:
– Enabling you to see your osteopath to keep continuity of care
– Allowing for corrections in technique for prescribed exercises
– Answering any questions you may have
– Providing real time communication (no back-and-forth phone tag!)
– Providing advice on how to manage your symptoms
– Demonstrating how to do self-treatment techniques


What are some of the possible drawbacks of Telehealth?

As with any new technology or service, we may experience technical difficulties such as internet and computer issues – but we will work with you to do everything to make your Telehealth experience as helpful and seamless as possible. Telehealth may not feel the same as a face to face consultation – but we hope it will help you until we’re able to reopen our clinic.


What will be involved with your Telehealth appointment?

We will work through everything we normally would during a consultation in the clinic, minus the hands-on component. Your osteopath will take a detailed case history to get the full picture about your pain or issues, and then do a full assessment to formulate a diagnosis.

Your osteopath will advise you on some self-treatment techniques during the consultation with the aim that you leave your Telehealth appointment feeling as though you have had some hands-on treatment. We will also provide you with pain management strategies, and a personalised exercise program that you can access at any time via Physitrack.


What are the costs involved with a Telehealth consultation?

Initial online consultation: $50.00

Return online consultation: $40.00

Patients who have Medicare plans from their GP or who are covered by the Department of Veterans Affairs will be bulk-billed.


Can I use my private health insurance?

At this stage, no. Unfortunately, none of the private health insurance companies are currently covering online consultations at this time. We will keep you informed if anything changes. 


How do I book a Telehealth consult?

It is as easy as clicking on this link.

Choose which appointment is applicable to you (select ‘return consultation’ if you are a current patient with Bodywell).

You will be prompted to pay at the time of booking using the secure system Stripe.

If you are on a Medicare plan or if you are a DVA patient, you will not be prompted to pay at the time of booking.

Once the booking has been made, you will be sent a booking confirmation email with all of the important details about your upcoming treatment.

If you do not receive this email please contact us at

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For more information please contact Bodywell Healthcare or visit the Osteopathy Australia website for links to current research and evidence.